Get your bike ready for Spring time off road action – Phil’s World

Mountain Bike Riding Southwest Colorado in CortezIn no time at all the temperatures will be warming once more in the Cortez area.  Well, that’s what we hope at least.  Currently we’re looking at a high in the 40’s today with lows in the 30’s.  Better than a few weeks ago when we saw temperatures in the single digits each morning.

Looking forward to Spring time means looking forward to all the amazing activities here in Cortez.  And one of the big ones around here is Mountain Biking.  And there’s no better ride to be had than Phil’s World.

Durango Outdoors sums Phil’s World up nicely:

If there is a trail that lives up to all the Mountain Bike “hype”, this one has got to be it!  Phil’s World sits more or less on top of a classic southwest desert mesa near Cortez Colorado and consists of hard pack single track intermixed with bits of slickrock.

As the warmer weather approaches get your bikes ready and start planning for an early riding season.  With Phil’s World about 4 miles from our park, La Mesa RV Park is looking forward to seeing more riders visiting this season.  We can even point you in the right direction!  And if you want to start day dreaming about your first ride at Phil’s World, check out this online map of the area.

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