Canyon of the Ancients

Canyon of the Ancients National Monument contains a huge number of archeological sites spread across a vast distance.  Currently there are more than 6,000 sites recorded in the region.

Painted Hand, located in the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

Painted Hand, located in the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument

The area that the National Monument covers is large.  There aren’t many direct roads through the Canyon of the Ancients, and most sites are not listed on any maps.  Bottom line, this is an area to explore.  Before setting out on any trips into the area it’s advisable to visit the Anasazi Heritage Center.  They will be able to let you know if there are any issues or changes exploring sites in the area.  They’re located 10 miles north of Cortez, and 3 miles west of Dolores.

Three of the most well known sites (also documented on maps) are Hovenweep, Lowry, and Painted Hand.  There are road signs available to follow, and some GPS units have the locations built in already.

For further information check out the Bureau of Land Management’s web page on the area.

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